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FREEOS has been added as a coin to tip on snipcoins

Snipcoins might be some great future abilities to run #daos —at least better than some DAOs use Discord— this way.

On chain voting/polling perhaps?


Freeos provides unprecedented economic empowerment through peer-to-peer distributed technologies as a means for people to democratically steward their own economic destiny, together.

Earn a fair and sustainable income that is valued through responsible fiscal stewardship. As a result, financial equilibrium is achieved through wisdom-of-the-crowd dynamics.

Would you like to earn an ongoing Self-Governed Cooperative Income?

KYC Giveaway of 5555 FREEOS!

Proof-of-Personhood required for fair democracy!

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Proton KYC

Proton KYC

By adding KYC functionality directly into the Proton blockchain, we have created a way for users to prove their identity to a single party, who can then prove that identity to other parties while protecting the user’s personal information.