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Giveaway 10 NFTs win 10 People
End 48haur
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Colection: Anonymouse Digital Art
NFT: Proton Guard #1/1
Start Bid : 10 XUDC
End Bid : 1 Days

Anonymouse Digital Art Original Artwork
Inpiration Vendeta Mask Anonymouse


🙏 If later in making an NFT claim an error occurs because there was an error in the nefty contract due to RAM, I apologize. because I have made a RAM deposit call, an error occurs. free NFTs will be dropped directly to the wallets participating in the auction and the rest will be sold to the public. look forward to further information and apologize for earlier.

The remainder of the NFT will later be sold to the public or auctioned if a contract error occurs. please vote below #nft #snips #community

SELL Public
3 Total votes

The drop will last another 20 hours and survivors who have participated in the auction will be added to the whitelist, after the drop time is over there is a 5 minute chance to get a low mint, and then a link will be given to the public. #nfts