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The group is getting crowded if you dont follow it, you are missing out, I'm prioritizing snips over most or all socials when it comes to news about Space Diamonds

How is everyone doing? I hope you had a great week start 🚀
I bring another update this is a very simple but functional demo on how we are going to manage each user assets on the game and is already running on Godot4. I will be uploading it to a site so you all can use it and check what do you own from the collection!

I will be adding functionalities along the way but this is the basic bare bones to fill up your Space Sta... you something secret with all your assets from the collection!
Still waiting on complete wallet authentication so nobody goes around using your assets or at least not that easily 😜 but in the mean time enjoy! 🙏🏻 thanks everyone for sticking around, literally just a reaction on this comments is all I need to keep going!