What’s on the horizon?

What trends have we seen? Where are we going?

I've been invested in a large number of projects.  Every year, we see a bit of a different trend as crypto evolves.  We have had the year of meme coins.  And last summer was the pump of the metaverse and NFT platforms. Over the last six months; we have seen nodes come and go.. So now what?

I think it's safe to make some assumptions of what's going to be the next evolution in this space. One common theme we continue to hear is "regulation."  Especially in the United States. I keep hearing Marshall Hayner say "RegTech."  Regulatory technology that will propel financial sectors into the crypto space. Banks and fintech organizations need to partner with blockchains that will seamlessly integrate with regulatory measures.  This is what sets projects like Proton apart from others.  They are thinking ahead. They are going to be ready.  Regulation is being deployed across the world and we all need to be prepared to take it head-on.  Im ready! Are you?


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