Open and Claim Booster

A step by step guide to opening and claiming a Pixel Heroes Booster pack

I know there could be a lot of effort put into opening packs quickly tonight to try and get lower serials. With that in mind here is a quick guide to open them manually, in case any glitches pop up on the website.

Step 1: Transfer the booster pack NFT to "phbank" with the memo "unbox" (do not use the quotation marks). NOTE: If you already transferred the NFT using the Open button on you just need to claim your cards and can skip to step 2:


Step 2: Head to this URL:

Find your username and copy the pack_asset_id (2nd column, should look something like this: 4398046712083)


Step 3: Head to this URL:

In the pack_asset_id spot paste in the number you copied in step 2

In the origin_rolls_id spot put in "[0,1,2]" without the quotation marks


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