Power of Soon — origins

Telling the story how "Power of Soon" and "Soon.Market" was born!

Note: This article has been originally published on Medium on Dec 20, 2021!

As a long term supporter of Metal Pay I heard the term SOONquite often. The people behind this project have always been ahead of their time and truly know what needs to be done to satisfy customers and reach the masses. The founder Marshall Hayner is a true visionary and fully dedicated to his mission …

… to change the way the world views money and to enable users to buy, trade and use cryptocurrency everywhere in the simplest possible way.

It has been a long journey since the company Metallicus Inc. has been incorporated in 2016. Today as of writing this article we are still waiting for many things that had been announced to be released SOON even back in the days when I personally discovered the project in 2017:

  • Availability of Metal Pay in all states in the US
  • Launch of Metal Pay in Europe
  • Debit card

I cannot mention everything that had been discussed in the past 4 years that I followed the project. The list could be continued and yet we are still not there. All of the things mentioned above are coming SOON after all. Though this can be frustrating for many people I am not complaining at all. In my opinion this project is so big people cannot even imagine right now. Development has never stopped and meanwhile the team launched Proton. It is based on EOSIO technology and allows to perform transactions without any fee for average users. It is perfect and literally built for mass adoption!

Learn more about the whole ecosystem Marshall and his team is building and why my team and I believe it will make a difference by reading this article.

Of course there is also some things to be released SOON on Proton:

The term SOONis always hanging around in this project and from my perspective it’s absolutely understandable that you can’t give a clear timeline given the regulatory obstacles. It’s also quite common that priorities change in a rapid growing startup environment. Anyway, for some people it’s hard to HODL on (oh yeah, I like that term ;-)) if they don’t see any results quickly.

Let’s don’t get into the details how some people behave in the crypto space. There was one specific moment on August 13th, 2021 in the telegram channel ProtonWhales Communitywhere an “investor” named “Sam” seemed to lose trust and complained about getting SOON too often as answer for everything to be released by the team.

Marshall replied with an unforgettable statement which is — of course — also referenced on our Twitteraccount:

Keep calm and understand the power of soon.

As NFTs got more and more attention at this point of time I thought:

This is it, we need to use the term Power of Soon and do something with it!

No SOONer said than done. I secured https://powerofsoon.com, our Twitteraccount and of course the name powerofsoon on Proton.

Together with some friends we decided to finally step into the NFT game. On August 29th, 2021 we minted our first NFT with an edition size of 100 and sold it for $1 each:

“True believers in the power of soon HODL this NFT!”

The highest price for this NFT as been $50 so far and if you are interested in buying it you can do so here. I don’t wanna create too much FOMO here, but you better get one SOONer than later!* ;-)

  • *No financial advise of course.

In the meantime lots of things happened. We conducted the first ever auction on Proton to accept $XPR as means of payment (probably nothing) in partnership with the creator ProtonPunk. This auction was a huge success (story to be shared SOON). Additionally we created some other NFTs dedicated to the Power of Soon which you should definitely check out:

Additionally we helped some selected NFT creators on Proton to conduct an auction using the interface we developed.

Now we aim to make NFT auctions on Proton even more accessible and user friendly. We will take our time to build soon.market and make sure that everybody will love hosting and participating in NFT auctions on Proton.

Unfortunately I cannot share more insights right now. You need to be patient. Be assured to get more information about the Marketplace as soon as possible. Make sure to follow us on Twitter to not miss important updates. We also set up a landing page where you can sign up for the upcoming Newsletter! :-)

If you have any question or if you want to discuss the future of NFT auctions on Proton you are welcome to join our Discord server!



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