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It is my great pleasure to officially announce a core Snipcoins team member.  Moray, whom most know primarily by his social media handle and preferred online moniker, @LeeYarom, is officially stepping into the role of Chief Strategy Officer. 

It is my great pleasure to officially announce a core Snipcoins team member.  Moray, whom most know primarily by his social media handle and preferred online moniker, @LeeYarom, is officially stepping into the role of Chief Strategy Officer. 

Given the strong commitment he has already exhibited to Snipcoins’ viability, I could not be happier to have solidified @LeeYarom’s continued presence on my executive team. Since first arriving on Protonchain and in its ecosystem, he has provided me with substantive, measured advice. In particular, I would like to acknowledge his excellent authorship of the Snipcoins whitepaper which so adeptly captured my vision and the project’s aims.  I know our continued working relationship will be productive.

For purposes of transparency, @LeeYarom has accepted a SNIPS based compensation package with Snipcoins.  In general, this package includes a staggered vesting of his allocation.  However, per his wishes, the details of this package will not be released until we have developed a staking mechanism which can automate the vesting process. Until further announcement, he will not receive any SNIPS allocations.

With that bit of business out of the way, please join me in congratulating @LeeYarom on his new Snipcoins role and kindly see his further self-introduction below.


Greetings fellow Snipcoins community members!! 

How exciting to be an official member of the team. Thank you, Jervis, for your humbling announcement and words.

Over the last several months, in spectacular fashion, Snipcoins’ community has germinated and begun to bloom. During this time, as many will recognize from my posts, I have thoroughly enjoyed actively using Snipcoins’ many features to indulge some of my innumerable crypto related thoughts.  And, yes, I do enjoy sharing my flower photos to Story.

As Jervis has just announced, I will work closely with him as Chief Strategy Officer. While this will touch on many aspects of Snipcoins’ operations, it will particularly include Director of Partnership responsibilities. I will continue to dedicate significant time and energy to Snipcoins in its efforts to realize its vast potential in the quickly emerging Web3 arena. Undoubtedly, successfully leveraging Protonchain’s technology, roadmap and growing ecosystem is a key component to such aspirations.

For me personally, this is the continuation of perhaps the most surprising, and yet one of the strongest, professional dynamics of my career.  As a leader who also carries the primary back-end development load, Jervis has a special capacity to digest information with an openness to different ideas and approaches, all while exhibiting genuine engagement and extraordinary level-headedness. 

Furthermore, Jervis is justifiably confident in his vision and talents, and, importantly, he has a knack for knowing when to make definitive decisions. With his competent leadership, the Snipcoins team will continue charting and executing a sound strategic path forward.

Over the years, I have sharpened and applied my analytic and advisory skill-set in sectors spanning from private finance in areas such as reinsurance and asset appraisal, to advising micro-businesses conducting macro-level industry research in the international development and non-profit context, to my current focus on historical legal research and related consulting.

Underpinning this professional experience is a strong academic foundation. I completed a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in International Business.  Additionally, my legal studies, from which I earned a Juris Doctor (JD), focused on negotiation, communal rights municipal law. I have lived, worked and studied in different parts of the US, Canada, Mexico and Central/South America.

Having presented my credentials so to speak, I would like to provide you with a bit more detail as to who I am.  As Jervis also indicated, while my screen name has been and will continue to be Lee Yarom, my real name is Moray, which is reflected in my WebAuth address, @moray.  Reading my screen name backwards is, I suppose, insight into my wry, yet playful, sense of humor.

My wife and I raise our four children, aged 2 to 13, together in Ontario, Canada.  As you can imagine, there is not a lot of spare time in my world – which is how I like it.  But, when a moment arises and the weather permits, I definitely enjoy tending to our plants, flowers garden. And, if there is snow on the ground, I am always down to try building a snow fort.

The rest of my story I will leave to share in my Snips and interactions with you, the incredible Snipcoins community.

Thank you

Moray aka LeeYarom





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