Snipcoins Photo NFT Club – Round 3 (Metro): Top (4)

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Round 3 (Metro) proved maybe a bit difficult. We had four great submissions and all four will make the Community Poll.


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  1. Cryptochick (@cryptochick) [ see original submission comments here ]

Camera: Note 8.

Where: Downtown Orlando.

When: 2019.

Why were you there: Late night stroll in downtown.

Why: Thought the sculpture looked cool and wanted to view it from inside it / looking up.

Side note: This sculpture moves as well and the colored lights change (pretty neat)!



  1. Daniel Abbott (@abbottsmile) [ see original submission comments here ]

Camera: Pixel 5

Where: Boggy creek road Orlando

When: July 23rd 12:24pm

Why were you there: Driving back looking for cool construction in metro area

Why: Took photo for Contest specifically this one



  1. Amorsolo (@BlueBerdugo) [ see original submission comments here ]

Camera: A6000

Where: Universal Studio, Orlando

When: December 2018

Why where you there: Vacationing with Family

Why: It's a very rare opportunity for us to pass. The lights were so beautiful in the dark.



  1. Travisandy (@travisandy) [ see original submission comments here ]

Camera: iPhone

Where: Blackfriars Train Station, London England

When: awhile ago

Why where you there: [no answer]

Why: looked brilliant at night

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Holy cow @cryptochick this is a Pulitzer level photo