Is it game over for Crypto ?

Could the crypto market survive a heavy world economic crisis ?

As the acceptance and use of cryptocurrencies increases, many people believe that this could create their wealth. But is it really gonna be the case ?

During 2021 we witnessed а huge evolution in the block-chain bassed projects : amazing DeFi development — getting high interest rates for supporting certain eco-systems , creating the so desireable passive income , a huge expansion in the use cases for crypto , amazing new ideas , NFTs and so much more ! But is all this really going to last ?

And maybe we wouldn’t consider that question , if we didn’t currently have a war in Ukraine threatening to collapse the world economy, galloping inflation — well stimulated by indiscriminate money printing in the last two years, and great uncertainty about tomorrow (even just about tomorrow). Who could be so brave to forecast the coming months, not to mention years!

As a reaction to everything that has happened in the last half year, of course we have a collapse of the markets and not only in crypto — the stock market is now falling into the dust , leaving many investors with a thoughtful look and empty pockets .

So we are here to talk about cryptocurrency, but whether it will be a lifeboat to save us from the sinking stock market or the strong correlation we trace between the two, will drag the crypto to the bottom, erasing the dreams, that it could be our rescue plan against hyper-inflation ? Yes the questions are many and tough for getting an answer.

Increasingly we hear that blockchain technology, implemented in the real world, will bring value and great applicability, but the truth is that the real world is facing a collapse unprecedented in decades and dealing with the crisis hangs on the business stability, the income and purchasing power of the people to be preserved.

Otherwise, we will see bankruptcies, recessions, poverty and fear, which are not an environment in which any market or industry could grow.

In practice, crypto technology could not reach its true potential in the face of a severely hampered business on the verge of bankruptcy. In this line of thinking, crypto could hardly save us from what is happening in reality, because it is the real world that can show the true value and applicability of the blockchain, the real world that is currently threatened in many ways.

And as already mentioned, who can say what will happen tomorrow, but one thing seems certain — we must be extremely careful , because recent years have shown that we live in a time when ANYTHING could happen.

Beati Paoli

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