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Elrond Shines Where Others Failed

At a time when Terra Luna has completely collapsed and Solana is facing serious problems with its scalability, which are yet to be resolved on the go and it is not known how far they can lead, another blockchain stands out — Elrond /EGLD.

This ingeniously conceived and realized project seems to be far from its potential as of yet, but its development does not stop, just the opposite — we have good news for new partnerships and new applications in the real world.

It’s no coincidence that their idea of ​​”sharding” is something that other larger blockchains increasingly see as an option to improve their scalability and security.

There, Elrond wins over competitors who have many times larger market capitalization . Something that sets it apart more and more, like a great investment.

Elrond recently acquired the payment gateway Utrust, a Portuguese-based cryptocurrency payment company.

The idea is to provide services to merchants with high quality and value in terms of profitability of transactions instead of the usual high fees. This would be a unique chance for Elrond to be appreciated by various businesses. And more and more businesses will face the opportunity to implement the blockchain technologies in their products and services, which gives an excellent horizon for the development of projects such as EGLD.

“A superb version of payments that is flawless, instant and cheap anywhere in the world is already a big step forward,” Minku said in an interview. “But what if instead of charging a merchant X% per month for processing transactions, they can get that return to offset what they spend on fees, and maybe have a 5% return in addition?” Director of Elrond Network Benjamin Minku /

For developers, Elrond also offers great features and wide open doors , thanks to its intelligent contract and its compatibility:

“The Elrond virtual machine is a special intelligent contract execution machine built on WASM. It extends the family of languages ​​available to smart contract developers to include Rust, C / C ++, C #, Typescript. This means you can intelligently write contracts in any language you know, compile it from WASM and easily remove it in its human-readable WAT format. “
/ From the Elrond website /

In conclusion, Elrond looks really promising and one of the projects that will most likely find its place and realization.

None of the above is and cannot be accepted as financial advice. If you need one, consult a professional!

Beati Paoli

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