MoonRiver or the Kusama’s Gate to the Future

Moonriver is an Ethereum-compatible, smart-contract parachain on Kusama.

Moonriver is an Ethereum-compatible, smart-contract parachain on Kusama.

Recently, Vitalik Buterin / one of the founders of Ethereum / said that the future is multi-chain. In practice, the multi-chain integration is crucial for any blockchain ecosystem or protocol in terms of their functionality, security and scalability. It is on these three points that we are increasingly convinced that it is difficult to have one ecosystem or chain that covers all needs.

This makes the search for “Ethereum Killer” meaningless. It is becoming increasingly clear, especially against the backdrop of emerging regulations, that projects with meaningful application and real value and applicability to the world will remain, not the speculations without any foundation.

In order for crypto to meet the high expectations, requirements and ultimately the world to see the benefits and applicability of the blockchain technology on a full scale, we will need synergy , not blind competition between the large crypto networks.

It seems that the teams of Kusama and Polkadot are well aware of this and this is where Moonriver swims in the ocean of their capabilities.

Designed to be compatible with Ethereum and to be a bridge that connects to all existing Ethereum networks, Moonriver is practically a test-net to ensure the safe and secure flow of this interconnection, which leaves no doubt that the project will play a key role in the future, and explains the huge integration it already has.

Moonriver’s tools and integrations include:

Ethereum developer tools such as Metamask, Remix IDE, web3.js, Ethers.js, Truffle and other toolkits such as Polkadot.js applications


Oracle integrations such as Chainlink, Band Protocol, Razor and DIA Protocol


Partnerships with other Polkadot circuits: Acala, Polkadot relay circuit, Equilibrium, Kilt, Phala, Crust
Bridges: Chainbridge, Rennes, Interlay, Snowfork, Axelar


DeFi protocols: Balancer, SushiSwap, Offshift, IDEX, Linear Finance, Injective Protocol

DApps: Human Protocol, Polkacover, BePro


Currently, MOVR is trading at one of its lowest levels — around $ 10, giving high expectations for a much higher price in the future.



None of the above is and cannot be taken as financial advice. If you need one, contact a professional !

Beati Paoli

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