Why I believe Crypto Insurance will be the next huge trend

+ 3 gems you do not want to miss real 1000X possibilities


   Hello , this year we saw events , that puts under question the safety of the crypto projects.


In the moment it is clear that no matter how big а project could be and how prospective it looks , we can never be sure what the future will bring , even in the short term.

A lot of investors lost their money in LUNA , FTX , and in the current crash for SOL . You could say that SOL could get back up, but can you tell how many people sold at huge loss , because of fear and uncertanty ??


The best inststruments to avoid this uncontroled risk are two :

1. Regulations
2. Insurance


We will take a closer look at the second one.


In the next articles I will give my take on top 3 insurance projects with huge potential .
And I mean really huge .

Today we will start with 1 of 3  :


1 . INSURACE Protocol (INSUR)   - *  it is up 30% in the last days so be careful , and chech the chart before buying 

site: https://www.insurace.io/


InsurAce.io started as initiative to establish a decentralized protocol that safeguards blockchain users' activities through cover protection. Inspired by early pioneers of DeFi platforms and their product designs, InsurAce.io came up with a portfolio-based approach that maximizes value for its end-users. While existing protocols build their foundations based on capital adequacy and consolidation, InsurAce.io advocates the practice of freeing up limitations through crypto security to help users realize better capital utilization.

Product concept and positioning.
InsurAce.io is a globally decentralized protocol that allows users to purchase mutual protection for their digital assets against losses from hacking, smart contract bugs, stable-coin de-peg, or other forms of digital asset related risks.
Risk is currently shared in two mutual pools under the InsurAce protocol (cover payment pool and underwriting mining pool) which are governed by its members where membership rights are represented by the $INSUR token. As such, InsurAce.io may be described as a mutual.
At InsurAce.io. covers are issued by the InsurAce protocol's smart contracts rather than a centralized entity. When purchasing Covers and submitting Claims on the InsurAce.io platform, the ease and seamless experience of the entire process removes the need for a person, agent, or any intermediary for that matter to facilitate an introduction, propose, or advise on the merits of the Covers to users. The entire cover purchase and claims submission process is completed by the users on their own. Furthermore, the claim administration and assessment process is decentralized and governed by community voting and expert investigations.


Metrics :

⦁ Circulating Supply 44 891 926 INSUR
⦁ Total Supply 100 000 000 INSUR
⦁ Max Supply 100 000 000 INSUR
⦁ Market Cap $3,708,854.70
⦁ Current Price: $0.08264


The InsurAce Protocol is a leading decentralized multi-chain protocol that provides reliable, robust and secure risk protection services to DeFi users, allowing them to protect their investment funds against various risks.


With InsurAce.io, users can rely on:

⦁ Unbeatable Competitive Pricing
⦁ Cross-Chain Coverage
⦁ Multi-Chain Accessibility
⦁ Sustainable Returns


So far :

⦁ 142Protocols Protected
⦁ $11.5M Total Claims Paid
⦁ $346.9MTotal Value Covered
⦁ 20Public Chains Covered


$INSUR, a standard ERC20 token, is the InsurAce protocol's governance token which is also used to incentivize participation in the ecosystem.


The current use cases for $INSUR tokens are as follows:

⦁ Representation of voting rights in community governance such as claim assessment, proposal voting, etc.
⦁ Mining incentives for capital provisions to the mining pool and investment products.
⦁ Eligibility to earn fees generated by InsurAce.io through governance participation.
⦁ Community and ecosystem incentives.



I do believe INSUR deserves a closer look , and it could be a great investment for the next bull run






                                               --- Non of the above is not and could not be considered any type of advice ! ---


Beati Paoli

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